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Retail Pro

Retail Pro is a complete retail management solution which is being used around the globe. The software is used as POS software and retail & inventory management solution. Other major features include warehouse & store operations management, customer management, back office, reporting and analytics.


User Friendly

Flexible & Customizable


Syenap is a leading analytics solution provider using on-site video and data feeds to understand, predict and impact customer activity and enable strategy alignment. Syenap increases your profit by providing cutting-edge analytic solutions to measure, understand, predict and monitor customer behavior in brick and mortar environments.

Maximum customer satisfaction

Reduced operational costs

Higher conversion rates

Foundary Logic Mobile POS

Foundary Logic is a Mobile Point of Sale solution which is fully integrate-able with Retail Pro. Using this application, all retail pro transactions can be done on the mobile phone including receiving and transfers. You can check out customers, answer questions, check inventory and print labels.

Compatible with all Apple devices

User Friendly & Scalable

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Clarity QB

ClarityQB is a real-time reporting and analytics tool which can be integrated with Retail Pro as well. The application has the capability to collect data from different sources and generate useful analytics which can literally multiply your profits in no time.

Powerful Analytics

Remote Access

Application developer tools

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