Nation-Wide Retail Pro Customization & Implementation for Multiple Brands.
Sefam Group


Sefam was established in 1985 with the aim of manufacturing and retailing quality embroidered fabrics, equal in quality to the best in the world, made in Pakistan. Sefam started out with the Bareeze brand of embroidered designer fabrics but has now grown to a family of 11 brands, each of which is the largest in their category in the Pakistani market.

Sefam Group approached System Plus for Retail Pro licensing and custom development for their fashion retail business management. Sefam Group runs over 450 stores of more than 10 fashion brands all over the globe. Brand-wise store management, inventory management, and managerial hierarchy management become a challenge as the business grows to an extent like this.

Team Sefam Group has over 50 developers that take care of the development process as the modifications happen. Team System Plus in collaboration with the Sefam Group integrated the Retail Pro Software to their business with all the necessary custom development to best fit their needs.

Integrated Retail Pro services to Sefam’s Fashion Retail Business for better inventory and store management.

Developed the required custom plugins to support brand-wise store management with Retail Pro.

Trained the Sefam Group’s developers about Retail Pro features and customization process.


Mapping brands and products to Retail Pro.

Brand-wise hierarchy management integration in Retail Pro.

SAP All-in-one integration with Retail Pro.

Store-wise customization reports initiation and delivery.

Training the firm developers about Retail Pro features and customizations.

Providing real-time reporting services, KPIs, and custom development reporting.

Integration with Business Intelligence, E-commerce, and Customer Loyalty.


Added customizations in Retail Pro to supports brands and brand-wise products.

Added customizations in Retail Pro for distinct hierarchy management of each brand.

Integrated SAP with Retail Pro Services.

Added the automated report initiation and delivery for custom developed features.

Trained the firm developers about Retail Pro features and customizations.

Provided real-time reporting services, KPIs and custom development reports integrated with Retail Pro.

Integrated firm stores and inventories with Renowned BI Tools, E-commerce services and Customer Loyalty packages and offers.


As the business scaled for Sefam Group, their need for Retail services along with the support of local customization increased. Sefam Group approached Retail Pro International and they suggested the time of over a year for complete integration.  Team System Plus carried out the fastest worldwide deployment of a Retail Tool to a business of this scale in 3 to 6 months.

System Plus’ Retail Pro Team acquired all the details at hand and started to devise a detailed strategy of Retail Pro Deployment. The key challenge was to integrate SAP with Retail Pro as it provides text data and Retail Pro supports XML data. Teams were assigned to carry out tasks of API conversion, currency conversions for International Market, SAP integration and custom plugin development to support the specifics.

System Plus’ Retail Team established the servers at the head-quarters and started store-wise integration of the custom package. Master trainers of these stores were trained to carry out necessary operations with the help of the tool in a workshop spanning over a month. After completely testing the trainees’ skills, the software pack was deployed to stores.

System Plus’ Retail Team handled the deployment of Retail Pro to 10-15 Sefam stores per day. In less than 2 Months, Retail Pro was deployed to over 300 stores with all the necessary custom developed plugins. This is the fastest Retail Tool deployment to a business of this scale so far.


Sefam Group is directly benefitting from the Retail Pro services to boost their sales and devise region based business policies based on the reports and KPIs. 

Sefam Group now avails 100% accurate inventory, rights control over brand and brand-wise products, centralized control of all the stores and brands, increase in profits, real-time reporting, KPIs and custom development reports, and integration with Business Intelligence and E-commerce. 

System Plus team was able to complete the project on budget and on time, without ever compromising on quality. The best thing about working with them was excellent communication & trained teams.

Seema Aziz

Owner, Sefam (Pvt) Ltd.


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Nation-Wide Retail Pro Customization & Implementation for Multiple Brands.
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