15+ GRE Score Improvement for Thousands of Candidates around the Globe.


ScholarDen is an online GRE Test prep platform providing the best preparatory resources and the most effective and affordable study plans to guarantee significant score improvement.

 The idea was to have a platform where students, student counsellers, teachers, and organizations could come together and could have a discussion about academic policies, goal-driven strategies, and share and solve academic questions for GRE preparation. System Plus actively helped build the startup and it’s been ever since that.

Studied the behavioral patterns amongst the students and the counsellers and helped make the user experience better.

Made the performance of the app seamless by adopting modern-day cloud technologies and development frameworks.

Researched on the user-centric learning problems and improvised on the e-learning process.


Crafting UI/UX design best-suited for the application.

Designing well-normalized schema best-suited for the seamless app performance.

Prototyping the entire design flow for all the use cases.

Mapping the use-cases of Students, Teachers, Mentors, and Admin to the well-written documented code.

Writing robust, load-balanced and pure-logic code for the minimal utilization of computing power.

Adding the fully-functioning payment method for subscription-based services available on the platform.

Testing the application against the newly added feature and as a whole.

Maintaining the application and fixing the bugs encountered.


Created a balanced design with perfect use of spaces and contrast colors.

Designed a schema rigorously normalized in the light of all the formulated classes and functionalities for the project.

Prototyped the entire design flow with all the use cases in the best prototyping tools available in the market.

Mapped and verified all the use case functionalities of user classes with development and test code.

Wrote well-defined, understandable, and optimized code for the better performance of the application.

Integrated fully-functioning payment methods and APIs with subscription-based services restriction with complete security.

Tested the application against every newly added feature and as a whole to keep the app credibility in check.

Maintained the application and reported bugs were readily fixed.


Team System Plus invested a reasonable time on studying and researching about the problem under discussion to formulate the tentative development plan driven by users’ requirements.

The key problem to solve here was to design the connection schema for connecting a user to the most relevant peer and mentors for the service in demand. After extensive research, our architecture designers came up with the most normalized schema for the seamless performance of the application. It was a challenge to integrate the schemas with an interface and business logic without compromising on the user-interaction and user-experience.

Team System Plus ensured the accuracy and agility of the performance by automated and manual testing for the hundreds of use-cases. Unit and functional testing were carried out during the development process.

Team System Plus adopted the best-suited design patterns for the speedy development of the application utilizing the minimum amount of resources. The Team takes pride in this Software Solution for e-learning.


Since its deployment, ScholarDen has attracted over 10,000 students locally and globally to use our academic services and the number is still growing day-by-day. 

Over 2,000 students visit our website on a daily basis to solve GRE related questions. A large number of students have performed great in GRE after learning and practicing on our e-learning platform. All these students share their experience with us and their feedback is published on our website. 

Knowledge of the process, business models, skill, dedication, and commitment to producing quality products makes System Plus a great technical contender.

Faisal Khan

CEO, Scholar Den


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15+ GRE Score Improvement for Thousands of Candidates around the Globe.
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