35% Increase in Quote Conversions for Craftsmen.


Proposl is a software tool that facilitates the process of quotation management through automation. Office Monster, a famous office stationery brand in the UK started the project with System Plus in 2018. The project was completed in a time of one year.

Sellers and buyers of any product face this issue of manual generation of a quotation, modification, adding taxations, discounts, and attachments, delivery and approval for the placement of the order. The motivation was to create an automated software tool that can ease the entire management and provides the customization required for the desired purpose. System Plus helped build this application with all the desired functionalities fully tested. 

Researched on the behavioral practices of the buyers and sellers and the nature of the businesses for effective development.

Designed and prototyped the entire flow using the best design practices and prototyping tools.

Adopted the state of the art development frameworks for seamless performance and agility of the application.


Crafting a visually appealing design with the best UI/UX design practices.

Prototyping the design flow for all the use cases.

Designing a schema and OR Model best fitted to this application.

Forming a code-base of the application in well-reputed coding frameworks.

Adding the payment functionality for the subscription-based services.

Adding the user-interactive customization for the quote options like addition, modification, templates, delivery, taxation, discounts, and attachments.

Testing the application against use cases and proving its accuracy.


Designed an interface with the perfect mix of color scheme and balanced it with spacing and alignments for better UI/UX.

Prototyped the entire flow in the best prototyping tools available.

Designed the schema as per the requirement with the flexibility of feature addition.

Organized the code feature-wise for better tracking and changes.

Added the renowned secure payment APIs for the subscription services.

Added and Integrated the designed schema with code-base to bring the listed customizations into existence.

Performed automated and manual testing on the application to ensure the security and consistency of the added features as per the requirements.


Team System Plus got itself acquainted with all the specified requirements and studied the nature of the application to figure out intricacies. The key challenge was to research the local and global requirements of a quotation and figure out the generic global requirements and specific local requirements to provide them as customization in the application.

After completing the user research process, the designers and the architects formulated the design and OR model to prototype the entire experience with original classes. It was a challenge to keep the entire experience generic and cover all the local and global requirements. But our research team had figured most of the logic out beforehand. The Team ensured the fully-functioning product by integrating all the research, design, prototypes and frameworks in one code-base.

Team System Plus ensured the accuracy and agility of the performance by automated and manual testing for the hundreds of use-cases. Unit and functional testing were carried out during the development process.

Team System Plus adopted the best-suited design patterns for the speedy development of the application utilizing the minimum amount of resources. The Team takes pride in this Software Solution for quote-management.


Since its deployment, a large number of people have started using our service to ease the quote management for placing orders and raising their revenues.

The generality of the product has made it grow and spread all over the globe. The customizations it offers save time as compared to the manual process and the quotation management is automatically handled in a matter of a few minutes.

System Plus’ got a cohesive set of teams working closely and collaborating together to transform a client’s dream into reality

Steve Hanley

CEO, Office Monster UK


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