Scalable & Customized Retail Solution to Support Regional Growth
Pepe Jeans London


Pepe Jeans London is a denim and casual wear jeans brand established in the Portobello Road area of London in 1973 and based in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain. Carlos Ortega is the CEO and owns more than 20% of the company.

Pepe Jeans approached System Plus for the integration of Retail Pro software to its established stores in the major cities of Pakistan. The motivation was to enhance the sales and incorporate technology tools in it for policy-making and scalability.

System Plus successfully integrated the Retail Pro to its stores with all the custom software plugins.

Integrated Retail Pro services to Pepe Jeans’ stores for better inventory and store management.

Developed the required custom plugins to support regional requirements, taxations, offers, and discounts.

Developed custom utilities to support sales and purchases in the international currency for cost & profit analysis.


Integrating Retail Pro services to all the stores of the firm.

Providing custom developed plugins to supports regional business requirements.

Dealing with currency conversions for international sales and purchases in the store.

Integrating SAP into Retail Pro Software for historical Point-of-Sale records.


Integrated all Retail Pro services to all the stores of the firm.

Provided robust custom developed plugins supporting the regional business customizations.

Provided the currency conversion utility to analyze sales cost, expenses and profits of the stores and inventories.

Integrated Retail Pro services efficiently with the SAP services.


System Plus’ Retail Team started with gathering the system requirements of the business and devised a detailed strategy for the deployment. The key challenge in this scenario was to integrate SAP’s historical data and records into Retail Pro. Both software support different data types and the integration APIs are not handy. Retail Pro team developed its own utility to achieve this task.

Another challenge was to keep a check on the consistency of the currency unit in sales, purchases, and expenses. Since the business is well-spread all over the world, our Retail Team developed a utility to manage over-seas sales in a consistent currency unit for profit maximization.

All the custom developed plugins for region based businesses were excellently developed and supported all the regional and customer-based offers as customization. Pepe Jeans has full control on all the stores, products, and customers. Offers and discounts can be customizable according to quantity, product and customer purchases.


Pepe Jeans London is directly benefitting from the Retail Pro services to boost their sales and devise region based business policies based on the reports and KPIs. 

Pepe Jeans London now avails 100% accurate inventory, rights control over brand and brand-wise products, centralized control of all the stores and brands, increase in profits, real-time reporting, KPIs and custom development reports, and integration with Business Intelligence and E-commerce.

The team at System Plus was in perfect sync, executing our vision into reality.

Saad Javed Akram

COO, Pepe Jeans London


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Scalable & Customized Retail Solution to Support Regional Growth
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