Bringing Automation to Real Estate Agent Operations around the US


The CEO of a renowned company that provides SaaS-based solutions to Real Estate Businesses contacted System Plus for process automation of sales agents’ day to day operations.

The idea of the entire automation was to relieve the real estate buyers and sellers of the difficulty of manual communication between the two parties. Large scale real-estate agencies have more than 2000 agents working for them. All agents associated with these companies struggle with manual scheduling of buyers’ appointments with the sellers and keeping their schedules in sync to their calendars as well.

Rescheduling of appointments becomes a challenge for them keeping both parties content at the same time. We hired the company to build an automation tool that will aid in enhancing the sales and make the entire user-experience better for the customers.

Adopted state of the art technology frameworks to build the error-prune and seamless automation tool.

Achieved high app performance by pairing an Agile mindset with continuous deployment and delivery

Performed functional, manual and unit testing on the built tool to make it flawless and requirement-centric.


User-interactive design and efficient design flow for user activity.

Reducing the email ping pong by a centralized booking system.

Automatic reminders instead of manual email reminders.

Appointment syncing in the users’ Google Calendars.

Centralized appointment management for agents’ calendar

Automatic showing time approval from the residents.


Made the UI/UX design with minimalistic navigation for user operations.

Designed a system capable of automatic booking management in the simplest form. Curfew or disabled time slots were not bookable.

Designed a system that sent automatic email reminders 2 hours before the scheduled meeting’s time.

Integrated Google’s Calendar API into our system efficiently for synchronization and schedule accessibility.

Designed a system that has all the appointments of an agent in one place for effective management.

Built System that synchronized the residents’ schedules with appointment scheduling feature and automatically scheduled the appointments.


Team System Plus got acquainted with the behavioral patterns of the users and understood the problem during a discovery call. Our senior account executive brainstormed the problem and with the help of visual-design experts presented a tentative plan for the client.

On the design and development side, the development team assigned to the project followed the agile methodology to carry it out smoothly and adaptive to the new features. The key challenge was to minimize the course of actions for a user operation without compromising the functionality of the tool. The buyer could sign up, see, interact and book meetings with the seller in an interactive way. The seller could sign up, post, and customize the meeting schedule for a particular showing. Email notifications were set up for immediate reminders for the meeting and updates in timing would automatically remind the affected people before time.

The Team carried out extensive research and acquired the most useful native patterns for the development cycle. Weekly progress meetings were arranged to evaluate the pace of development. QA experts performed the automated tests for every new feature and the manual testing was also in place. In a matter of a few weeks, the entire product was ready to be deployed.


The customer feedback was overwhelming. Real-estate agents acquired our product to bridge the manual communication barrier between the parties and boosted their sales in a matter of weeks.

The application was built as desired and it was ready in a few months. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It was presented to our clients and within weeks the sales were magnificently growing than before. And now, an agency having more than 2000 real-estate agents working for them is interested in buying the service to enhance their sales.

System Plus specializes in business understanding and software development processes. From requirements analysis to design prototypes to drafting a proposal to rigorously tested development process to the final deployment, everything was so perfect and organized.

William Schoeffler

CEO, InstaShowing


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Bringing Automation to Real Estate Agent Operations around the US
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