Camera Analytic Soluition for Enhanced Sales



Syenap configures with the existing CCTV technology to bring improved customer rating and data gathering. Syenap is an analytic solution provider which uses on-site video and data feeds to understand customer activity, forecast demands and devise strategy accordingly. Syenap helps you to make calculated decisions based on gathered data.


Access, Analyse, Apprehend, Anticipate and Monitor

Improve Profit Curve

Improve profit curve through conversion rates and reduced costs

Reduced Operational Costs

Minimized operational costs through data driven decisions which give effective and efficient operations

Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced customer satisfaction by analyzing demands and targeting them in unique way


Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Forecast profits and improved efficiency

  • Syenap Retail Analytics helps retailer to extract the most profitable and productive decision.
  • Syenap Property lets user to enhance operational efficiency by identifying the areas which need attention thereby improving the customer shopping experience
  • Syenap lets retailer to understand and analyze brand position in the market and help in brand activation and services letting user to increase the revenue.
  • Syenap enables user to predict the future sales depending upon the current data analysis. It also use the existing infrastructure and configures it providing cost effective solution.
  • It provides customer tracking in service area and hence can calculate queue wait time. This information is very useful in load time service handling and bringing customer satisfaction. Some operational tools of Syenap are: staff redeployment, fitting room monitoring, prepared food scheduling, work optimisation


Smart Technology utilization by Genius Minds

System Plus owns experience of almost 10 years. Machine learning algos and cloud technologies are combined to provide exceptional automation solutions. These technologies play a vital role in optimization of business operations. Services include design strategy, optimization, customer service and platform implementation. System plus has expertise in retail area and Retail Pro has been deployed by it for finest brands in Pakistan like Bareeze, Beechtree, Cross Stitch, Leisure Club, and many others.