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Ever growing technology and communication channels, business world is taking a polarity shift towards advance collaborative technologies including messaging, discussion portals, audio/video conferencing, web cams etc. These technologies help businesses to groom and be managed easily and effectively. Centrally shared information portal lets organizations to innovate and assemble data which all stakeholders can view. System Plus has expertise in designing, development and deployment of portal technologies in effective and efficient manner.


Knowledge-sharing experts with real-world industry
experience and technical mastery

System Plus has served various organizations which work on collaborative technologies like Microsoft Share Point, TIBCO, IBM BPM, Drupal, Lotus Notes, K2 and several other custom applications. For business which has many branches and is spread demographically, System Plus assists the company to improve its team’s ability and capability to coordinate with the projects spread widely within the organization. Our skilled resource, both managerial and technical, work at collaborative level, workflow and portal technologies, manage enterprise and web content to come up with the best possible solutions for your business.

Be it employee management portal, inventory management platform or vendor management system or any other large scale information management and sharing system, we can help in conceiving and implementing productive solution. Some core expertise that System Plus is capable of are cloud based application development using Ruby on Rails, Web design and development, and Retail Pro prism development.

System Plus’s team of 100+ collaboration and content management experts plan and execute superior knowledge sharing and portal solutions.

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Marketplaces, Portals and Collaboration

System Plus has extensive expertise in online marketplaces, portals and collaboration portal. We offer easy registration, groomed search feature, and dynamic pricing and review function via variety of solutions like Retail Pro, Syenap, Foundary Logic and Logo ERP. Custom configurations help make good portals which give customer support 24/7. System Plus provides collaborative solutions for communication of employees, vendors and customers in an organization. We make communication effective and efficient by connecting employees through intranet i.e. back-end support as well as front-end.



Anything which involves online purchases or sales is referred as E-Commerce. The medium for buying and selling of items is internet. It is one of the wildly growing technology section. System Plus offers services in various models of E-Commerce from Business to Consumer (B2C) like Bereze, Hopscotch, Leisure Club, Kyseria etc to Business to Business (B2B) like Sefam Group.