Retail Pro

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Retail Pro is a retail management software which is widely used and appreciated across the world because of its rich functionality, diverse capabilities and exceptional adaptability. 25 years of journey of Retail Pro enabled it to come up with technology to assist retailers optimize business operations facilitating them to focus on their core business features i.e. refine customer needs and maximizing retail trends. Widely used in almost 130 countries, Retail Pro is has multi channel retailing strategy.


Refine customer needs, Maximizing retail trends, Enhanced Inventory Management

Auto Replenishment Capabilities

Enables user to curtail lost sales that may occur due to product out of stock. It lets retailer to set minimum and maximum quantity that a product holds in inventory. These quantities shows the minimum and maximum amount of items which should be in retailers hand.

Automate Inventory Replenishment

Formulas are defined for different stores, departments vendors etc. These formulas use algorithm based on sales history records and ensure that retailer have enough stock in hand for the given period of time.

Automatic Purchase Orders (PO)

Auto PO uses the formulas created by Auto Min / Max and places order automatically if the inventory falls below the minimum threshold. Retail Pro can be specified with the minimum quantity to be ordered to bring the product quantity back to minimum or maximum or anywhere in between.

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One-stop solution for all your Inventory Management Challenges

  • Retail Pro offers multiple web platforms having solutions which are fully integrated, provides customer satisfaction and saves time and money.
  • Retail Pro Enterprise lets you to collect shoppers data in POS workflow thereby shaping the CX strategy.
  • Retail Pro Mobile helps you to make personalized recommendations with access to customer details.
  • Total Inventory visibility lets retailer to give multiple options to customers when product is out of stock.
  • Retail pro enables retailer to unify all retail data including inventory information, customer record and promotion data.
  • Centralized inventory management helps retailer to improve back end information and records. Real time reporting facilitate store performance with the information of core KPIs


Smart Technology utilization by Genius Minds

System Plus owns experience of almost 10 years. Machine learning algos and cloud technologies are combined to provide exceptional automation solutions. These technologies play a vital role in optimization of business operations. Services include design strategy, optimization, customer service and platform implementation. System plus has expertise in retail area and Retail Pro has been deployed by it for finest brands in Pakistan like Bareeze, Beechtree, Cross Stitch, Leisure Club, and many others.