Foundary logic

Retail Pro Management on Mobile Phone



Customer check-out at sales floor, responding to their queries, viewing product catalog along with the provision of personal services is now a piece of cake with Foundry Logic – Mobile POS application integrated with Retail Pro.


Multipurpose, Efficient Retail Management Solutions

Mobile Business Application

Mobile Business Application of Foundry Logic can be integrated at Enterprise level. It enable retailers and app users to configure and manage inventory efficiently and effectively.

Open Source Software

Open Source software can easily be integrated at all platforms, databases, operating systems and infrastructure. It not only makes the product convenient to use but also unique for business to business.

Reusable Components and Framework

Availability of reusable complements and framework lets FoundryLogic to develop unique solutions from already available libraries instead of reinventing the wheel. These components helps the company to custom design solution for various sectors as well.


Foundry Logic — Bigger umbrella for all Retail Management Solutions

  • FoundryLogic offers Mobile Business Application which can be integrated at enterprise level.
  • IT Consulting Services for system selection, customer software development, implementation and integration of complex systems are also offered at FoundryLogic.
  • For retail industry, it has wide range of apps and software including Retail Mobile Suite, Retail Mobile POS and Retail Mobile Inventory.
  • Open Source and Open Standards software guarantees flexible solutions which can easily be integrated across different databases, operating systems and infrastructure.
  • Company uses Agile Approach since it believes that every project is unique and all skilled resources should work simultaneously in order to achieve common goal.
  • FoundryLogic build team of skilled resources, one who earned trust through quality work and punctual deliveries


Smart Technology utilization by Genius Minds

System Plus owns experience of almost 10 years. Machine learning algos and cloud technologies are combined to provide exceptional automation solutions. These technologies play a vital role in optimization of business operations. Services include design strategy, optimization, customer service and platform implementation. System plus has expertise in retail area and Retail Pro has been deployed by it for finest brands in Pakistan like Bareeze, Beechtree, Cross Stitch, Leisure Club, and many others.