Logo ERP Solution

ERP Solution for all-size Enterprises



Logo ERP solutions lets businesses to accomplish effective cost management at employee level as well as work process level. It provides a secure platform to transfer corporate data, transactions and manage them within predefined standards.


Versatile facilities to centrally manage medium and large scale businesses

Product Range

Vast product range focuses on every business type from medium to large and corporate. Tiger 3 (middle and large business of trade and service), Tiger 3 Enterprise ( large scale production line business) and J-guar (corporate businesses).

Integration Capabilities

Logo ERP provides advance integration capabilities. It can manage core as well as vital business functions such as Demand Purchase Management, Customer Relation Management, Supply Chain Management and many others.

Ready Infrastructure

Logo ERP offers ready infrastructure for all type of enterprise businesses (medium to large scale) for legislative changes. It facilitates business in competitive environment to meet international as well as local standards.


Facilitate your business across all edges

  • Logo ERP has advance integration capabilities and can manage core as well as vital business functions like Management (Accounting, Finance, Production, Material, Budget, Project ), Foreign Trade, Business Intelligence and Human Resources.
  • Netsis 3 is product for middle scale businesses with features of business logic, Oracle database support, multi-language support, line based security application, balanced score cards and many others
  • Central Installation Management performs all the upgrades and maintenance centrally. This way all the users have access to same and updated version of the software. Backup can be tracked at central level and maintenance costs are also reduced.
  • ERP solution provides ease in monitoring the cash flow at international level. The international standards are well-defined and periodically updated.


Smart Technology utilization by Genius Minds

System Plus owns experience of almost 10 years. Machine learning algos and cloud technologies are combined to provide exceptional automation solutions. These technologies play a vital role in optimization of business operations. Services include design strategy, optimization, customer service and platform implementation. System plus has expertise in retail area and Retail Pro has been deployed by it for finest brands in Pakistan like Bareeze, Beechtree, Cross Stitch, Leisure Club, and many others.